Our Process

Our Process

Our Water Process

Our quality 13 Stage process that guarantees you the best quality water.


Special ice factory is located under the Aburi-Akuapem mountains. The water is sourced from 60meters deep underground spring water. The water is stored in 19,000L Capacity polytanks, the water is dosed with 6ppm chlorine solution to kill micro-organisms in the water as per WHO standards before passing through the sand filter which is made up of layers (Gravel, coarse, fine and smooth) which takes out the dirt from the water..


From this point, the water again passes through activated carbon, which takes out unwanted elements and odor from the water. To make the water so essential, a polishing filter is fixed on the line to take out further particles from the water before it undergoes reverse osmosis.


Reverse osmosis is the scientific technology used to remove large majority contaminants from water by pushing the water under pressure through a semi permeable membrane. This process leaves the essential minerals in the water, which is very good for the body. These minerals fall within range specified by WHO standards, and this is found on the label.


The treated water is stored in white transparent polytank. From this point, the water is distributed to the various departments for production, and to make special ice the most hygienic on market, the water passes through UV lights and 0.5 Micron polishing filter to make the water clean and safe for consumptions, the sachet water has a shelf life of three (3) months after production.


Ozone gas is used to sterilize the bottled water and is 100% efficient sterilization, it kills all microbes that are present in the water which gives it one year shelf life without depleting the essential minerals.


After ozonation, the water is pumped through 0.5 Micron filter to the Bottle Filling Line where blown bottles are fed to the machine, these bottles are washed by the machine using sterilized water both inside and outside to make them clean and free from microbes. After that, the machine fills the bottles with the required volume and cups it perfectly to prevent air from entering the products.


From there, the date coding machine prints the batch number, expiry date and time on each bottle making traceability very easy. From this point, there is sighting light which a conveyor helps see through the water to make sure its pure and clean, the water leaves this point to the automatic labeling machine which comprises with both the neck safety seal and the label.


The machine senses these bottles, cut them by size and fixes it on them smoothly. These bottles leaves this point to the oven, the oven generates steam which shrinks the neck safety seal and the label onto the bottles. The products are sent by the conveyor to the packaging point for boxing and palletising.


Samples are then analysed by the central Laboratory every hour for specifications of WHO standards and Ghana Standard Authority. Microbial analysis are also performed on every batch of water produced to ensure the quality of the product.


When you are thirsty, don’t look for anything else, look for special ice natural mineral water. Not all brands are natural.


Special ice natural mineral water is naturally pure and good for your body due to the hygienic purification process it goes through, thus making it the best on the market.


After production of bottled water, they are left for 48hrs for the ozone gas to turn back into oxygen. Analysis is then performed on the batch after 48hrs to make sure they meet the specifications before releasing to the warehouse for sales.


Samples are sent for analysis at GSA and Water Research Labs for ISO test on the products, to make sure Special Ice is the best Natural Mineral water on the market and the number one selling brand.

The refreshing taste of your favourite Special Ice is sourced from 60 meters deep underground spring water.