Our Story

All you need to know about us

Special Ice Company Limited is a natural mineral water production company registered in Ghana under the companies’ code. We started our operations in 2011 with a primary goal to provide real natural mineral water to all Ghanaians at affordable prices, wherever they are. Our factory is situated in Ayi Mensah near Aburi in Eastern Region.

We have introduced carbonated soft drinks on the Ghanaian market in October 2014 and we already have to expand the capacity as the demand for the soft drinks is overwhelming.

One unique feature of special ice products is that, unlike other mineral water brands, all our water, whether in a sachet or bottled, come from same source water table, 60 meters deep beneath the Aburi Mountains and it is exceptionally treated devoid of any additives, resulting in the purified, real natural spring taste. Currently we have 15% market share of the Ghanaian mineral water market.

As part of the response to the high growth rate we have built another factory in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana for the production of Sachet water, Jar bottled water and expandable pouch water.

Being conscious of the critical need for quality water as a requirement for good health, we do not compromise on the quality of water we produce. We have strict quality control measures ensuring that irrespective of the socio-economic circumstances, every Ghanaian can enjoy the same great quality natural mineral water, be it from a sachet or bottle.

We have a solid management team headed by Dr Ernest Ofori Sarpong who was adjudged the best entrepreneur in 2014 for manufacturing by the Entrepreneurs Foundation Ghana.

Our Vision

To be the most outstanding manufacturing company in the beverage industry producing and generating natural great taste.

Our Mission

We want to grow and nurture our brands to be the first choice of consumers and customers both local and international.

Major Recognition